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 This site is under heavy construction at the moment as the Directory comes live.  Its our hope that this page however gets you where you need to go,  if its looking for comics, looking for the right dropdown for your comic to join, or if its just looking for information of how to start your very own dropdown. 

As you can probably already see there are quite a few different things going on this site, that distances itself from previous incarnations.  As the idea for this site, is not only to list all the dropdowns for readers to peruse, but also as a resource for all things dropdown... from making your own dropdown, to signing up a comic to one, that this becomes the one place people will come to when looking for a dropdown. 

If you've come here looking for story dropdowns, keentags, or anything relating to the function of your keenspace comic, head over to GEAR.

Directory News Logs!

09/26/2005- This update we say goodbye to Keenblade, whom has died with no traces of the former dropdown.  Also, Keen@work, KeenAI, KeenBaka, Keenheroines, and Meanspace has all moved to Zombie as it appears they are no longer updating.  We have added  a few new dropdowns including Furry Tails, Guardians, and Adult Space.  Also we fixed to errors one being on the randomizing tutorial, and the second on the name of Netherworld.  Oh and Scifi space comes back from the land of the zombie.

Sorry this update turned out to be a long wait.  but the wait was well earned if I do say so myself.  Other than adding Netherworld, Keencombat, and GLBTspace, also the FAQ page has finally been created, as well as a new script template... Randomizing dropdown by Pillywiggin.

Wow its been a while... things on the dropdown front has been slow, as of the late, but there are some new additions and subtractions.  Keenelven has been removed from zombies and replaced in active, and lets all welcome Keenblade to the active dropdown!

11/17/2004- Added The Noctural Dropdown.

Added KEEN Quest and Keendom Dungeons. Also Scripts now has a tutorial!





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